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Contract Specifications function as the cornerstone of any construction project. Unfortunately, however, they are also the most frequently neglected aspect of the planning and design process and the root-cause of many contract disputes. Insufficient attention at the very onset of a project to the form and content of the Specifications -- as well as to any requirements unique to the project or the Owner -- too often result in inadequate, ambiguous, and contradictory directions and definitions. Specific contractual responsibilities for coordination of various portions of the work become contradictory, thus affecting the timeliness and cost of performing the work.

Our experienced and well-trained staff takes great pride in their attention to Specification details, as well as their ability to provide clearly written, succinct, and coordinated comments regarding a unique set of specification provisions. Moreover, certain “boiler plate” General Requirements contain many disclaimers and exculpatory language that is intended to limit liability. Inclusion of such language may limit the ability to recover cost and schedule impacts. Onerous requirements or conditions must be identified and addressed so they may be negotiated or properly priced.

An upfront investment in pre-contract reviews may make a project run more smoothly and reduce the likelihood for disputes.