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Our Hallmark
HDH quickly assesses its client’s position, simplifies complex issues to the essential elements, and places its client in the best position to negotiate a favorable settlement.

Our Philosophy
We believe in providing our clients with the highest quality service on each project we undertake by involving a Principal in every case and only utilizing our in-house professional consultants.

While the dispute process is often contentious, we understand the importance of maintaining positive relationships within the industry. We make it a priority to assist our clients in preserving their industry relationships by promoting constructive negotiations.

In the event negotiations fail to resolve a dispute, we support our clients through a continuum of service. We provide litigation support services commencing with discovery, and we prepare and present expert testimony in binding forums such as arbitration and trials, as well as in non-binding or alternate dispute resolution venues such as mediations and dispute resolution boards.

Our Results
Our extensive experience and practical approach, combined with our breadth of services has led some of the most prestigious companies around the world to seek our assistance. The vast majority of disputes that we have assisted with, have been settled through negotiations prior to reaching a formal forum. Early resolution allows our clients to save significant transaction costs and provides the ability to control the terms of settlement. As the result of our successes, a substantial majority of our annual business is generated by repeat clients.



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